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This is what I Do

Web Development

The classic. Websites, Webshops, One Pager, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, CMS. Consulting, Concept, Layout, Programming, Content Work, Backups, Updates, Maintenance, Trainings.

IT Consulting

Sometimes projects are too huge for one person alone. Sometimes you want to entrust an agency or a software company with your project. But sometimes you don't know enough yourself about what's going on in this "IT world". Enter: miji. I will gladly hold your hands and help you through all stages of an IT project, functioning as a kind of mediator and translator.

WordPress Development

You probably already know WordPress. The most famous and by far most widely used content management system (CMS) in the whole world. Yes, I also use it and I'd like to think I grew to be somewhat of a WordPress connaisseur recently, developing Plugins, Themes and Webshops (with WooCommerce) for small to huge websites.

IT Project Management

By now I've worked on enough IT projects to dare to say I can see them through not only from the development perspective but also from the project management side. I'm not even mad if I'm not allowed to code myself and only do the boring coordination stuff.


I'm more than happy to share my knowledge in many ways. You want to learn how to code? You want to know how to add content to your website? You want to learn about the digital world? I can help you with all of that.

Support & Maintenance

Oh, here comes the boring stuff. After everything is set up and published to the world (wide web), someone needs to take care of the running engine, filling in the oil, changing tires, that kind of work. It's not the most glorious job but hey, someone has to do it. No, really, someone HAS to, or else there will be vulnerabilities in the code base and before you know it you've been hacked.


Search Enginge Optimization. Hot topic. How can I be found on google? It's too wide a field to be broken down here in a few words so I'm not going to do it. Especially since search engines tend to change their algorithms at times. So it's important to readjust SEO strategies constantly. And that's what I do. I try to stay up to date so you don't have to.

Google Tools

Google offers a wide range of tools to enrich or analyse your digital products. While they are not necessary for any project it sometimes makes sense to include Google Analytics, Google Maps, or Google MyBusiness. We'll figure out together.

Digital Strategies

That's something. Calling himself digital strategist and not being able to find a suitable definition for it. Well, sorry. But in my eyes it's just a tongue-twisting buzz word to combine all of the other services I can offer. In fact, everything that touches digital services can be put into the definition. And since I won't exclude something a priori from my repertoire I'm convinced that the perfect job title for me is digital strategist.

Usability Engineering

The usability of a (digital) product can be defined as its ease of use and learnability. Effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction are some buzz words included in the whole usability concept. While it should nowadays be a base requirement to have usable product, it's often not the case or only to a certain degree. Making a product usable can mean following guidelines or even conducting user studies (that's a recurring theme as you might have noticed).

User Experience

User experience (UX) has become an overused catch phrase of our time. It basically means that we should design our digital products in a way that it positively affects the users' attitude and emotions towards the product. There are many ways to achieve this, from simply following existing guidelines and best practices to conducting user studies in order to find out how a product works on users.

Web & Domain Hosting

A website needs a place to feel comfy and to wait for users to stop by (webspace) and a domain so users can find the website. Without the domain users would need to type an ip address into the browser and that's somewhat inconvenient for most non-nerdy human beings. I can give provide both for you, webspace and domain hosting.

That’s what you were looking for? Let’s do this:

A'ight ya wanna see some

In the near future you will here see some selected works that I’m not ashamed of to show to the world. For now you can only guess and hope that I know what I’m doing. Lolz.

Feeling lucky? Then what are you waiting for?